Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ups and Downs

Guys. I'm seriously so tired. I'll be totally honest, I don't entirely feel like writing a weekly email right now because so much happened and it's overwhelming haha. This week was long. Not the most productive "missionary work"-wise, but definitely "sister lawson's personal progression towards becoming like Jesus"- wise which I think it's super duper important. That's what this mission thing is really all about, right?

So anyway, longL story short, we took my companion to the emergency room early Sunday morning because she was experiencing some severe pain and had passed out in the middle of the night. After a dramatic 20 minutes in the apartment, we rushed her to the hospital and she turned out to be fine. The only thing now is that she's swollen up like a balloon and has some weird kind of infection. Don't worry, we are taking care of her haha.

Obviously, there are a bunch of little details that I left out, but you get the idea. It was a very scary, high-stress weekend and I'm exhausted in every capacity right now.

Several times throughout the week, God threw me little challenges here and there to "test" me and see how I would handle it. I feel proud of myself because I think I did alright this week with handling what life threw at me. PROGRESS!  

Life is good guys.
God is good too.

Okay that's all I got for this week.
BE LIKE JESUS. Sorry this was really lame!

Sister Lawson

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2. Artsy Southern Spring picture

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