Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The week of lasts...

Guyssss...I really don't want to write this, this week.
Please forgive me for the suckiness.
I will try anyway.

Basically, this week was just a whole bunch of "lasts". Last temple trip, last zone conference, last exchange...it was awesome. Lots of really good "lasts". :)

I had to give my departing testimony this week in front of a large group of missionaries and that was quite a strange thing. I can't believe it's actually my turn to do all this stuff. I finally got to walk the streets of Atlanta on exchanges! Mission bucket list item fulfilled. I saw homeless people, graffiti, ghetto gas stations, and lots of really humble, Jesus-lovin' folks. It was everything I ever dreamed it would be.

Other than that, life was pretty average as far as the "travel log" goes. But I had a lot of spiritual experiences that I'll have to just tell you about later when I get home! Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy.

A talk that had a huge impact on me this week:
"Finding your Life" by D. Todd Christofferson
(supplemented by Matthew 16:25-26)

Sorry guys, this is lame. 
Jesus loves you!

Sister Lawson

1. Me with Bro. Shaffer - I love that man!
2. Temple with the cute comp. :)
3. Awkwardly catching people take awkward selfies...
4. My beautiful city (Atlanta) <3

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