Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Motherhood is Easy, HUMP DAY (9 Months to GO)

Motherhood is easy.
Yep, my new companion is Sister Francom from South Jordan, UT! We actually have a mutual friend named Brother Davis so that's really fun. Here are some of her many talents:
1. Bike repairs.
2. Mountain biking.
3. Computer fixing skills.
4. Family history skills.
5. Multiple other skills worthy of wife-hood. (Boys: SHE'LL BE AVAILABLE IN 18 MONTHS.)

So yeah! it's been a really good, fun, stress-filled week. I feel like I'm back at Oakcrest being a counselor all over again...someone following me around everywhere, asking lots of questions and constantly asking for a water break because "it's so hot!". Classic.
I know that everyone says this about their greenies most of the time, but i literally don't teach her anything...she already knows it all and came pre-trained out of the womb. She's a better teacher than me, more optimistic and happy than me, and definitely is way more of everything than me. i basically just teach her how to fill out teaching records and stuff, and she teaches me the rest of the basics that i forgot about how to be a missionary haha. Life is good.

Guys! I hit 9 MONTHS this past week! Unfortunately the day was so busy that i didn't even realize it...we didn't get to celebrate at all :(
The humidity is getting killer! I'm already dying and we're not even to August yet.... yikes. I never have to use the restroom throughout the day because I'm sweating out all the water i take in...graphic, sorry.

Paulina: not sure yet if she's getting baptized on June 25th anymore...She didn't come to church this Sunday and it's pretty crucial for her to be coming as close to her baptism as she is right now. I'm just stressed out about it because her whole family came in from out of town for the baptism and i don't want to cause problems! Stress levels are high right now but it's fine. Major prayers on her behalf would be great!

The majority of the work right now is being focused on repairing shattered relationships with ward members and the ward council from previous management (......) so that we can get something good rolling around when we've got more people to teach! We're cleaning out the ward roster because we literally know no one, and there are tons of less actives and stuff... and are getting to know as many members of the ward as possible because prior to this, I was introduced to maybe 5 solid families. So yep, that's another thing causing a lot of stress because it's A LOT of work. But it's good because we made a game out of it: "Ward Roster Hunting" feat. Lawson and Francom. Prizes include Watermelon Sour Patch Kids and firefly hunting when we find someone new, or discover a "Do Not Contact" member on the roster. Good times!

So yeah, that's where we are at right now, and I'm really excited about it all. :)

I'm going to invite everyone right now to go read a talk by Sheri Dew called "Will you engage in the wrestle?" because it's amazing. DO IT NOW.

Okay i love you all! BYE

1. District selfie feat. Sis Welch's cookies.
2. Mr. EJ being cute.
3. Sister Hines (I live with her) and we hit our HUMP DAY together.
4. Someone who loves Jesus and displays it on their roof.
5. Mother-Daughter: Our first bathroom selfie together.

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  1. I am Sister Francom's mother and we believe she was born for missionary work. We are thrilled she is serving with Sister Lawson!! Our mutual friend, Brother Davis, speaks very highly of Brenna and we are looking forward to the amazing work this super duo will be accomplishing.