Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Hey y'all!
So the transfer news is in........I'll be staying in Peachtree City one more transfer anddddd GETTING A GREENIE! So weird....I am so inadequate and unprepared but oh well haha.

Highlights of the week:
-Last Pday we went fishing. It was my first time since last year with my pal Kyler (shoutout to you in Ohio!) and we KILLED it. We caught 30+ fish, no lie. Also probably my favorite Pday of all time. We decided it would be really southern to buy some camo and wear it to go fishing so you know that's what we did. (pictures attached).

-Paulina is still doing awesome! she's away at a camp this week but we'll see her next week and continue to get everything ready for the baptism! Satan is throwing a lot of junk her way though, so we'll be praying hard for her.

-FUN STORY: This week on exchanges with the STL's, we were out tracting and there were probably 3 yard sales happening on one street (MONEYYY for finding). We got talking to the people at one--not interested at all. Then we saw their neighbors out at their car and talked to them really fast--not interested "already have a church home". Then we go to the next yard sale and he's all "I'm a pastor, and all these people on this street go to my church every Sunday. You've got no chance!" k. So i ended up just asking him stuff about his ministry like mad...his favorite things to talk about in his sermons, what this week's was going to be about...that kind of thing. He said this week they were going to talk about emotions, and specifically love! And i was like BINGO. So we were able to get him to accept a Book of Mormon and left him with a commitment to read Moroni 7 about charity to help him "study" for his sermon :) It was pretty fun! When we had first started talking to him, he was completely closed off to us and didn't want us to be at his house at all. But because we followed promptings and tried to just be a real person with him, he allowed us to leave a Book of Mormon with him and our testimonies of the love God has for all of His children! So anyway...the rest of the fun story is this: we went to the THIRD yard sale on the street, and i saw the cutest shoes of all time sitting in a pile for FIFTY CENTS. Butttt i only had 45. So we sprinted back to the car, dug around for a good 5 minutes and found one penny after another until we had the whole $0.50 we needed and I yelled out in excitement and got the shoes! Then she's all "hey, do you want this pair too? They're Italian. I'll give them to you for free." Um k. So basically i got 2 pairs of shoes for $0.50 and one of them is fancy and Italian. #PeachtreeCity, and contacted 2 solid people for the other sisters to follow up with! Success.

Overall this week, there was a lot of growth and tons more "drops of awesome" than i can even write about. this week it was just made so apparent to me that God loves us and just wants us to be happy! Being on the "path of discipleship" is meant to be hard, but simple. Just do what he asks of you and everything will always work out. :)

Sister Lawson

1. The picture of Faith I promised!
2-4. Last Pday's adventures fishing and feeding a DONKEY. cute.
5. The 3rd puzzle we've finished this transfer in the's our stress reliever. This one was a BEAST.
6. Sister Kanongata'a on exchanges...the only pair of clothes I brought and she refused to change because she wanted to "match"'s fine. We look good.

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