Saturday, June 4, 2016

I Love Fireflies

I really don't know what to say this week! I'm exhausted.

Paulina is still super excited about baptism, Molly has been dropped because it's just not going anywhere soooo....I dunno. But! we did steal one of the ladies the elders were teaching because we accidentally knocked into her and she liked us better so that was hilarious and awkward haha. Her name is Sue! She's older and has a dog that looks exactly like's cute.

I mostly just have a lot of semi-funny stories and happy facts this week i guess....sorry, this is sort of lame today! I'm almost out of time!
1. FIREFLIES EXIST IN GEORGIA! It's so beautiful!
2. We recently learned that there was a Five Guys around here and we've been more times this week than I'd care to tell you because you'll all look down on me haha.
3. I finally got a pedigree chart to map all the families here in this ward. it's pretty crazy and elaborate, i forgot to take a picture of it haha.
4. *CREEPY STORY* (mom you probably should skip this next part if you're going to freak out):
The Spanish elders gave us this referral for a lady named L. We pull into the trailer park where she lives and find the house number, and as soon as we got out of the car, the most grotesque smell i've ever smelled came wafting out of the trailer and we said "crap". We see her neighbor outside and decide to talk to her before we went to L's and she's all "Yeah, L told me she was a demon and her mother was a witch. When she got baptized, she said 'it didn't take'...she gives me the creeps." UM K THANKS NEIGHBOR. So anyway...we didn't know what to do so all we did was pray with her and left. But yeah, she was pretty sketchy and i didn't even give you all the details because i love you too much haha.
5. In an effort to shake up our finding efforts, we did a ton of store-contacting this week which was incredibly awkward and unsuccessful! :) (store-contacting: walking up to random people in stores who really don't want to talk to you and avoid it at all costs).

Overall it was just a bit of a slower week...lots of effort put into it, but not many results. Pretty burnt out, I'll be honest.
But it's all good! The work goes on. :)

Love you all!

1. A cute manatee mailbox  
2. Post-correlation pillow fights
3. Lake Peach Tree and my pretty companion

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