Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gator Updates. . .

It was a pretty decent week everyone!
met some nice people,
ate some nice food...
life is good.

Shout out to Bailey for meeting Zachary Levi in New York this week! WAY JEALOUS. I hope you kissed him for me because missionary.

Important updates:
Paulina: actually not getting baptized this weekend. Unfortunately she's a teenager and forgets that effort is required for a lot of things, so we had a chat about that and she's going to try harder! Her new date is July 9th. We'll see what happens! 

Amber: I don't know if i've ever actually talked about Amber. She's someone sisters have been teaching for about a year and a half...she loves the missionaries, and has been trying to figure out if this is the path she needs to take in her life. But Jesus Christ is hard for her to accept because she doesn't understand how one man could take upon Him everyone's we've been working on that through prayer. Also the past month has been really hard for amber with a lot of boyfriend drama and just way too much crap for one person to handle. But this week was awesome! She came to church last week with her daughter Sophie, and really loved it--especially one brother's talk about eternal families. We've been praying for the last few weeks to know how to help her get answers about if this is the right path, and it hit us like a ton of bricks that we really just needed to get her committed to quitting smoking--scary because she looooveeesss to smoke (weird, i know). But when we explained how we got our revelation, she said "you know, i've been feeling the same way. I think you're right, i can do that." MONEYYYY. So for the first time in my mission, i'm helping someone quit smoking and it's really scary and hard because i've never done it so prayers on Amber's behalf would be wonderful.

Jenneveen: Someone Sister Leyba had been "casually" teaching the transfer prior to this. I can't remember if i'd mentioned her before either, but yeah. She's come to church like 4-ish times and pays her tithing which rules haha. We had a solid lesson with her this week where we just let her know that we aren't messing around anymore and told her (nicely) she needs to do more if she wants to find out if this is the true church or not. We're pretty sure she already knows it is, but she's kind of stubborn and doesn't want to say it haha.

Skyler: I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT HER. We knocked on her door the other day and she just flat out was like "yeah, i'm really positive God doesn't exist so bye" but thankfully questions just started spewing out of my mouth about how she started to believe that and she ended up talking to us for a good 45 minutes on the doorstep telling us about how growing up, she was Baptist but had never gotten answers to prayers and felt like she was just talking in the dark whenever she did pray. She didn't understand how God could love every single person and thing that's ever lived or ever will live on the earth and logically, it just really didn't make sense. We got to go testimony-crazy and let her know how to pray, and how to know if she's gotten an answer, what the spirit feels like, the whole 9 yards. she also had a ton of super cool questions about the Plan of Salvation--she was interested in our beliefs about "heaven and hell". Then Sister Francom and I each got to share our own stories of how we came to know the Book of Mormon was true and it was SO COOL. We know she felt the spirit, and afterwards she was like "Well if you know it's true, then i would really like to know for myself because it's a terrible, empty feeling to feel like there's nothing more after this." So yeah, Skyler is the bomb and so ready for the gospel, it's unreal. We're seeing her next week so prayers for Skyler would also be awesome!

Ummm.... other awesome things:
-We went to this cool Muslim mosque interfaith-dinner thing the other day and ate some good middle-eastern food. My bucket list item of attending a Muslim activity was fulfilled. #ImWayCulture 
-A man at church on sunday literally imitated himself smacking his children on the bum for a solid 5 minutes during his talk over the pulpit. And our investigators were there. <3

Welp i think that's all for now.....LOVE YOU ALL BYE.

Also, I'm going to invite all of you right now to go read Moses 7:28-40 and think about how much God loves you. If you think He doesn't, read those verses and THINK AGAIN. then go pray about it. :) LOVE YOU ALL BYE

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