Monday, February 1, 2016

Mucho Miracles

Oh my heck, I'm still dying because my new companion is Sister Howell who was actually in my YSA ward at USU! SMALL WORLD! It's mostly hilarious because we talked on Facebook before coming out and joked around about us becoming companions and now here we are!

Fun facts about Sister Howell:
1. She LOVES the weirdest things: Vinegar, black licorice and chocolate covered raisins. She says she could drink vinegar, she loves it so much.
2. She has a beautiful singing voice! mostly she loves to sing Italian arias if that gives you a clue of her skill level. :)
3. She is basically a Disney princess I decided.
4. She's been out 8 months and served the entirety of that time in Tucker/Norcross area.

This week in Snellville was BUSY.
Most of the time was spent going to see members and getting Sister Howell introduced to everyone. We have been running around everywhere! But she's a champ and is handling it well. :) It's been fun to watch her get to know everyone and it's funny because i'm starting to realize how unique our ward actually is hahaha.
The amount of people we are teaching is really small. When i say really small, I mean it's about the size of 1. Being the one taking the lead in the area, I decided to completely scrap most of those we were teaching because there was very little progress being made and I couldn't figure out why we had held onto them for so long in the first place. So Sister Howell and I will be starting almost entirely from scratch which I am pumped about! It's good to get some new blood in the area... it was feeling pretty dry. But yeah, I've got this whole new fire for missionary work. I mean Ive always had "greenie fire" but this is something different. It's exciting to just get a change sometimes!

We've had a ton of success with seeing less actives in the ward lately... that has become one of my favorite things about missionary work. Getting to work with people who haven't been for a while and befriending them and helping them come back into activity. :) One person we've been working with hasn't come for almost 20 years, so he remembers very little about the doctrine. We pretty much just teach him like an investigator. But this week, he told us HE KNOWS THE CHURCH IS TRUE! this is a huge step for him so we were so excited! :)
We also have been working with an older woman in the ward who is like 78 and is still fostering children for a living. Right now, she has an 11 year old girl named Erica and a baby boy who are THE CUTEST. Sister Howell and I have really connected with her. Hanging out with her kind of reminds me of those Oakcrest days :) So this week, we were reading scriptures together and Erica wanted her own Book of Mormon because she gets bored sitting around the house and she also wanted to come to church this week! WHICH SHE DID! We had to do this mad-treasure hunt to find her a dress, but mission accomplished. She totally came to church! We really love Erica. Since she's a foster child, there are all these complications with actually being able to teach her, so right now we are just loving her and giving her some friendship and trying to plant some seeds for further down the road. 

The best part of the week by far was introducing Sister Howell to my FAVE sis C (the one with 12 hairless cats). Man, she's a trip! I'll attach a picture she was showing us this week that was the highlight of my life that i asked her to email me.

We were driving down the road, and all of a sudden BOOM! I got hit with the Spirit so hard that we needed to go see her and she was right down the road. So we go and SHE WAS HOME. Oh my heck, it was crazy. And such a happy reunion! I haven't seen her since my 2nd day out was nuts. But yeah, she's doing great and we are gonna try to see her again later this week. :) THE SPIRIT IS SO COOL.

There were so many other miracles this week that it's almost impossible to count them, and some of them are too sacred to share. One thing that was many very apparent to me as we went about working this week was that God truly is mindful of ALL of His children, no matter the circumstances. He cares about us individually and knows exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. If we are doing the work, God will put us into the paths of those who truly need to feel of His love. I have a strong testimony of the power of prayer, and following the promptings of the spirit and I know that He is ALWAYS there.

Welp, that's all folks.
Stay sassy.

Sister Lawson
1. The classiest and the sassiest District.
2. Us, Kate and Kangaroo scrotum coin pouch (don't ask)
(sorry no pics of me and Sis Howell because I stink)
3. The 12 hairless cats of Sister C

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