Monday, February 8, 2016


Why am I so happy, you ask?

HAPPY BECAUSE I love my companion Sister Howell and I found out this week she's the funniest person I've ever met AND she has wonderful taste in TV shows and music.
HAPPY BECAUSE we came up with a new hashtag this week--#YOSMO (you only serve a mission once)
HAPPY BECAUSE we are going to the temple this week and I've missed it so so soooooooooo much.
HAPPY BECAUSE I'm super stressed to the max with STL responsibilities like training and exchanges. But stressed in the best possible way. :)
HAPPY BECAUSE we are seeing major success and miracles from practicing teaching the five lessons to the members of the ward.
HAPPY BECAUSE there are a lot of former investigators we are going to follow up with this week and may see success from that.
HAPPY BECAUSE we saw Frank this week and he didn't yell at us.
HAPPY BECAUSE we ate Steak N Shake this week <3
HAPPY BECAUSE we got to see Sister C and her 12 cats and teach Franklin!
HAPPY BECAUSE Franklin came to church yesterday!
HAPPY BECAUSE all of our lessons with investigators fell through this week but that's okay.
HAPPY BECAUSE it was Fast Sunday yesterday!
HAPPY BECAUSE John has been reading the Book of Mormon!
HAPPY BECAUSE missionary work is hard. 
HAPPY BECAUSE the weather has been beautiful.
HAPPY BECAUSE I'm actually understanding the war chapters in the Book of Mormon.
HAPPY BECAUSE I miss my family but that's okay.
HAPPY BECAUSE I have bags under my eyes because I'm tired.
HAPPY BECAUSE we didn't die on our way home from Peach Tree City in Atlanta traffic.
HAPPY BECAUSE we are so busy finding new people to share the restored gospel with!
HAPPY BECAUSE I love Jesus Christ.
HAPPY BECAUSE I love being a missionary. 
HAPPY BECAUSE my testimony is stronger than it's ever been.
HAPPY BECAUSE I know who I am--a daughter of a loving Heavenly Father.
HAPPY BECAUSE I can see my conversion deepen every day and can see my progression from week to week.
HAPPY BECAUSE I have finally started to understand the magnitude of love the Savior had for us all when we performed the Atonement. 
HAPPY BECAUSE I can use the Atonement every single day to help me get through the hard times and sad times and bad times.
HAPPY BECAUSE God loves me no matter what.
HAPPY BECAUSE He has a perfect and divine plan of happiness for all of his children, no matter their physical, emotional, mental or financial state.
HAPPY BECAUSE I have the privilege of sharing that knowledge with His children in Georgia every single day.

I know that this email is super cliche.

I don't know how to close it up so i'll leave it at that haha.
Love Sister Lawson

Songs of the week:
"Touchdown Jesus"--Tim McGraw
"That Old King James"--Scotty McCreary
(Sister Howell has converted me to Christian Country music. D*NG IT)

Some favorite quotes of the week from Sister Howell:
"TOTES DEF." x1000000 every day.... #whitegirlinATL
"I don't really like boxed nuggets so you can just make some dino nuggets for yourself, i just want some for the pictures i'm gonna take."
*reads Numbers 13:33 to me in comp study* "Moral of the story is we are not grasshoppers."
"I'm going to convert Scotty McCreary so we can get married."

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