Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Hello friends and family!
The transfer news is in... I will be staying here in Snellville and Sister Russell will be heading out to go bless some lives somewhere else! Also funny story: I have been called to be a Sister Training Leader so that adds a whole lot more stress and puke into my life, but it's fine. I didn't find out through the traditional way of getting a phone call but rather through an email i recieved this morning with instructions hahahaha. NO BUENO

The happiest news of it all is that SHENELLE WAS BAPTIZED THIS WEEK. 
Sister Russell and I both spoke (her on Baptism, me on Holy Ghost) and IT WAS AWESOME. Sister Russell shared some cute thoughts about how baptism is the first step on our "path back home to our Father" and i shared a little analogy of someone going through a cave with a broken flashlight--when she stayed on the path, it worked continuously, and when she got distracted by the sparkly things on the walls, it would stop working. But yeah, she did awesome! Shenelle is super super SUPER shy, so she was terrified of being in front of everyone for the baptism, and also in church the next day when she had to go in front of people to get the Holy Ghost. So we went up with her and everything to make her less scared haha. But yeah, it was good! It's really hard to put into words the spirit that was felt there, but just know that it was SO STRONG. And the house was packed with support from the Youth so that was AWESOME. 

Okay here is some hilarious fun facts about the South:
Earlier this week, we received a "severe storm warning" saying that there would be an ice storm and major snow. Whenever this happens, the South goes nuts and on lock-down and raid the grocery stores of all their bread and milk to prepare for said-lock down. LITERALLY ALL THE BREAD AND MILK. Nothing else. This is something I don't understand because if you get stuck in your house, who wants to eat bread and milk all day erry day? Not me. But here's the most hilarious part... the storm came annddd.....1 INCH OF SNOW FOR 3 HOURS. Hahahaha Georgians be cray.

Other exciting news is that our car got SUPER stuck in the mud. Like so so stuck. So we had to be towed out by a nice man who pulled over named Bradford. 

On Sunday, us and the Elders sang "Abide with me, 'tis even tide" in sacrament meeting.. that was........a train wreck to say the least. Favorite quotes afterwards..."Oh that was a mess, it's okay though, the spirit was there. He fills in the gaps." YIKES.

Okay this is the coolest thing. Our investigator John called us this week and relayed the following:
"Sisters, i just wanted to tell you that I've been doing what you said--trying to pray more often myself and together with my family. And i read some more of the Book of Mormon like you asked me to. But mostly i called to tell you about something cool that happened that let me know that God loves me. My wife came home with a check for $1000 from her boss because the boss just wanted to help us out and felt inspired to give us this money. So we should be able to save up enough for the next few months so we don't lose our house." 
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?? It was so cool, we got to bear our testimonies to him that God is blessing him because he's trying to change his life around and making the best choices!! JOHN IS SO COOL.  Sorry, that's the sweetened condensed version of that story... but still, so cool.

Awkward moment of the week:
*Going to see an Inactive member of the ward in her 70s who hasn't been to church since the 80s when she was baptized*
*Chewing and spitting tobacco the entirety of our visit*
*Doesn't "do" the Book of Mormon*
*Denchers (Dentures) fall out*
*We leave*

Okay that's about all...sorry i ran out of time!

Sister Lawson

1. It was a bit windy, but that's how much snow we got hahahaha
2. Cake in the face from Shenelle last week.
3. Photos with our fave elders (Far left, DL and comp, middle guys are Zone leaders)


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