Monday, February 22, 2016

Prayers go up, Blessin's come down...

GOOD NEWS! This week was 1000 times better than last week. Mostly because we had a lot of personal and spiritual growth. PRAYER IS AWESOME

This week I found out our ward mission leader, Brother Shaffer, is the coolest person of all time BECAUSE:
a. He is the most beautiful chef
b. He makes the most beautiful Indian food feasts for us

Updates on current investigators:
John--We had a majorly BOLD lesson in which Sister Howell just vomited spiritual promptings and stuff all over him and invited him to baptism and everything! Seriously, she just spoke by the spirit for like 10 minutes (then at the end we gave him time to respond and share his thoughts because that's what good missionaries do--they LISTEN). Butttt....he rejected. So that's rough. Life for him in his family is just really difficult right now and he was feeling really overwhelmed...his exact words: "I know in my heart this is true, but my head won't let me believe it." WHAT. Fortunately though, we uncovered a lot of his concerns in this process so that's good news. 
Erika--(11 year old Foster child). She still REALLY wants to get married in the temple which is so hilarious and awesome and we love her a LOT. Loves the Book of Mormon, loves to'rythang. She's awesome.

In other news, I have realized that working with less-active members of the church is my most favorite thing of all time. Remember how we were super bummed that we only have like 2 investigators in our teaching pool? Well we have finally realized that our calling here in the Snellville ward is to reactivate the less-actives so that's exactly what we've been doing (but also not shirking our duties to find new people to teach...i promise we are still doing that). Most of our focus has been on the LA's, so therefore our "Less-active teaching pool" is MASSIVE. I have come to realize as well that I don't care if I baptize another person on my mission--if all we do is reactivate people and help them remember why being a member of the church is so awesome, then I will have considered my mission a success. :) One member in particular that we've been working with for a while CAME TO SACRAMENT for the first time in years! We were literally about to start screaming in the middle of the meeting when we saw her walk in late, but refrained because that's not socially acceptable in Mormon culture during sacrament meeting. Also there are just a million other awesome things going on with various other members of the ward and we can't even begin to express to you how pumped we are.

This week we also had an exchange with our favorites--the Stockbridge sisters! It was also my favorite exchange of all time. I went out with my good old pal Sister Emma Worsham from RIVERTON. We graduated the same year and everything...Hilarious because I didn't even know she existed in High school, but now we are forced to interact with one another in mish-lyfe. But it's fine because I love her. HERE IS THE REASON WHY I LOVE EXCHANGES SO MUCH: She basically laid down the law and told me to start being myself more and do missionary things the non-conventional way because I am "creative and non-conventional and spastic" or whatever (her words, not mine). So we have really taken that to heart--we've been "spastic" with our efforts. We jump out of the car at stop lights to hand random unsuspecting persons cards with our church address on it, we chase people down the road to invite them to church, We ask people about their dogs but end up asking them why they love Jesus Christ instead... It's been awesome. The work had been pretty lame and boring up to this point if I'm being completely honest, but the Stockbridge sisters let us know that it's okay to be creative and be yourself and HAVE FUN. That is after all why we were called to our areas--for our personalities. Exchanges answer prayers, and we have a whole new excitement for the work now. :)

Wizdum Nuggs from Sister Worsham & Sister Creech: 
"God has already outlined the picture, it's just up to us how we color it."
"Be awkward, it's fine."
"There are 3 seats open in the back of the car for a reason...God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are always with ya."

Okay that's it. I hope you're all as excited about this week as I am... Sorry if that was too over the top and spastic hahaha. I JUST LOVE MISSIONARY WORK OKAY

Okay be good, do good things, read your scriptures, and stay golden.

Sister Lawson

PS--I won a YANKEE CANDLE this week. Spent 200 points at the Relief Society auction for it so that's awesome.

1. Taking 5 because stress
3. Beautiful Indian food made by beautiful Brother Shaffer (actual tears were shed this night)
4. Brother Shaffer rubbing his "butt"
6. A cute note from Erika. :)

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