Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year Birthday's

Um okay I'm really sorry but this week was super boring as far as stuff to report on to you.
FIRST OFF, today is Sister Howell's birthday (yes she is a leap baby) and she turned a whole 5 years old today! WOOOO

We did a whole lot more service this week than normal, so that was good news. The best service of the week by far was going to this Old Folks home and calling out bingo to 5 of the funniest old people I've ever met. Man, those folks can really play their bingo. I think we played like 7 rounds of blackout, and they still wanted to keep going when we were about to leave. Also the most awkward part was me wanting to high-5 a man named Miles when he won and he either 
1. rejected me hardcore, 
2. couldn't see past 6 inches in front of him, 
3. isn't "hip" enough to know what a high-5 is, 
4. he was feeling feisty that day
Either way, it was awkward. 

On Monday I also had awesome "Southern cultural experience", which involved me going to a Southern Baptist version of Deseret Book and buying a real-life SOUTHERN BIBLE. It's so beautiful. I'm in the South...buying a Bible is just one of those things you have to do.

There really wasn't too much excitement happening in Snellville this week... 
We found out this week that John is really really interested in baptisms for the dead... We're teaching him today about it on our off-day because he's going out of town and because #dedication. I'll keep you updated!

Erika is still doing awesome! She has a court date coming up soon to handle some family issues so we don't really know what's going to end up happening... but we really love her so much, it'll be super sad when she leaves. :( Teaching her has been like hanging out with all my little Oakcrest buddies from the summer... they "grow up", they learn who they are and Who's they are, and gain a huge understanding of how much Heavenly Father really does love them, and that's exactly what Erika has done. Ahhh...the gospel is awesome, y'all.
We went on exchanges with the Centerville Sisters and I got to go out with Sister Welch for my 3rd time! Heavenly Father just really wants us to hang out together on these exchange things I guess. :)

We also had a 5 year old BIRTHDAY BASH for Sister Howell this week, complete with Princess crowns, a piƱata, and barbies. BOMB DIGGITY

I'm really sorry, like seriously. This week was somewhat boring as far as "miracles" and stuff go. Sometimes you just have those weeks i guess.

Okay, i love you all lots.
1. (Ignore the darkness) CENTERVILLE EXCHANGES
2. The pinata mid-strike
3. Birthday girl
4. The classic "Birthday mantle" pic @ the samuel's.
5. Me and compy
6. Cute birthday selfie with cute birthday flowers. ISN'T SHE A BABE???

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