Monday, March 7, 2016

6 Months in the Mission Field

Okay y'all, the Springtime in Georgia is BEAUTIFUL. If anyone ever wants to visit, only go between March and May, okay? No humidity, no wind, just beautiful, soft crisp warmness and joy. But stay away from the first part of April because apparently there is this crazy pollen thing that goes on...haven't seen it yet but I'll keep you updated.
Also all the bugs are coming out, especially at night...imagine the swampiest of all swampy sounds you can think of, and that's what it sounds like. At first I thought it was lots of frogs ribbetting (is that even a word? I feel like it's not), but it is most definitely bug sounds. NASTY

(I don't feel like anyone actually reads these emails)

I WILL BE STAYING IN SNELLVILLE ANOTHER 7 WEEKS! I will have spent more than 1/3 of my mission here. For a while i thought I'd be upset if I was called to stay longer because sometimes I feel like I've done all I can do for this place. 6 months is a long time. But after this week, I know that Heavenly Father has his eye on this little town in Georgia and there is so much more work for me to do. We found a lot of PREPARED people who have just been waiting to find the truth! So now i am content with staying. :) I ain't ready to leave yet!

Current updates:
Erika: Still doing AWESOME. She came to church yesterday again! On the 14th, she has a court date so we'll see what ends up happening. She may go back with her mom, so we'll end up referring her to the sisters where her mom lives and that will be that. Erika is so special, it will be really heart breaking to see her go. 

John: We have not seen him in a long time... he went out of town and we just haven't heard from him. 

Okay these are COOL things:

Rainy and family: DO YOU REMEMBER THEM FROM A FEW MONTHS AGO???? They're the cute little Indian family, and THEY'RE BACK. We just felt super prompted to go stop by really quick and they welcomed us in so warmly. Ah! I love them. We're meeting with them again this week so I'll let you know how it goes.

Almari: He was my waiter at Waffle House that I met on exchanges with the sisters in Jonesboro. (For whatever reason, I always have these randomly awesome miracles in Waffle House hahaha). We got to have a really cool lesson on the Plan of Salvation right there in the middle of Waffle House and he was shocked when I told him I knew the answers to the "hard questions" (why are we here, where are we going...etc). We gave him a BoM and some good old 3 Nephi 11 action, so I'll be getting back to you on that. I feel good about him though! He had just moved here from Chicago 2 months ago and didn't really know why, but because we are missionaries, we were super bold and just said "Well maybe because you needed to hear this, and it will change your life...blablabla"...yep PREPARED.

DOROTHY: She is a lady who was previously taught by missionaries from Ghana who we actually went and taught this morning on our P-day! (#Dedication). She told us that a long time ago, she had been praying to know which church would bring her the closest to God and which one was the "true one" for her to join. The next day, SISTER MISSIONARIES (not us) showed up at her door, and she knew her prayer had been answered! But then...the missionaries never came back. *FACE PALM*. Today we talked about her expectations, what she was looking for, her religious background yadda yadda and closed with the importance of the Book of Mormon and how she could come to know it was true. She was so interested, and you could tell the spirit had really touched her. She promised to read and we'll be seeing her this Thursday! AH DOROTHY IS SO COOL

Mina: This isn't set in stone yet, but I'm still so excited about it. Mina is Joshua Samuel's (a youth in the ward) best friend who has been coming to church with him for forever. (Also she's 12...YET AGAIN, I TEACH A GIRL 12 OR UNDER. #OakcrestBlessings). Earlier this week, she told him that she really wanted to be baptized and loved coming to church. We are hopefully gonna get some lessons rolling this week after she asks her mom's permission, but yeah. we are so excited about that!

BIGGGGG THINGS ARE HAPPENING. I couldn't be more excited for the next 7 weeks! 

Okay bye everyone.
God bless America, and God bless you guys.

Sister Lawson

Fun things: 
1. I got a Georgia State Onesie at Goodwill last P-day for $3 (pics to come)
2. Sister C got up and BORE HER TESTIMONY this Sunday! I bawled my eyes out. This is huge deal guys, you have no idea.
3. Our fave less active wants to prepare for the temple <3 :) (also a big deal, because up til 2 months ago, she had been completely inactive for 5 years and was basically a J-Dub)
4. I played with lots of sticks this week and also got lots of really big slivers. However, I performed good surgery on myself and only got ONE really big cut. So moral of the story: don't play with sticks because slivers.
5. Quote by Sis Howell: "Ouch, I really need to get a pediatrician to look at my foot" "you mean podiatrist"

1. University of GEORGIA ONESIE
2. Snellville being pretty
3. Me being really white and playing with sticks (SUMMER TAN IS COMING SOON, I promise)
4. Sis Howell is 9 months old <3
5. Us and Erika!


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