Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"Thus ended the 7th month of the reign of Sister Lawson over the people of Snellville..."

My Snellville days are over, y'all :(
It's going to be weird and sucky, I'll be honest. Snellville has become my home away from home! Ah! Shockingly I've only cried twice since finding out so that's good news i guess. The only hints I've gotten about where I'll be going is that I'm going to be in a "foursome"...we are still trying to decide what that means. 4 man apartment? 4-person companionship rotating around a sick missionary? I guess the world will never know until Wednesday.
But yes, the next few days of goodbyes will be rough. Snellville has seen me through it all, and I'm definitely going to miss all my new grandmas, grandpas, moms, dads, and siblings.

So remember last week when we talked about all the new investigators we have? yep, that slimmed down really quickly back to 0, all in a matter of 4 days. WOO. Have fun Sister Howell. :)

-Nina: her husband apparently is super controlling and we haven't heard back from her in a week...????
-Evelyn: literally texted us 10 min before church "yeah I've decided that now isn't a good time for me to be baptized, I'm too busy." (sweetened-condensed version of her text) k.
-Faith: Possibly moving in the near future due to family issues. :(
-Khadisha: STILL haven't heard back from her. GAHHHHH

Another fun story: This week we received a referral from someone who wanted a Bible. We delivered said-Bible and met probably one of the strangest 7th-Day Adventists I've met so far. She had 3 folding chairs and one table as the ONLY furniture in her entire house. Her claim was that Jesus told her to live "conservatively". That was extreme. The woman told us she wanted to come to church with us on Sunday, but Saturday when we texted her to remind her, she sent us a bizarre text. (pictures attached). I don't know why someone would text that if it's true. We didn't know how to respond hahaha.

On Friday we went down to Covington and built a bridge with the Zone for a service project at one of the Boy Scout Camps. That was crazy, I really wish I had taken pictures haha. The elders were going wild!

We also went out to lunch at Chipotle with Franklin and Sister C. Hahahaha man, I'm probably going to miss them the most.
Some favorite quotes from our lunch-conversations:
-Franklin: I'm deathly afraid of Chipotle.
-Franklin: *feels Sister C's pulse*
-Franklin: "I used to steal the straps off of Ross shopping carts with a razor blade, melt them together with a cigarette lighter and make them into choker necklaces during my goth-punk phase. It looked super cool when I'd poke nails through it for some added punk-effect."
-Franklin: "I was a Halloweenist. Instead of a Gothic who wore all black, i would wear colors mixed with Gothic fashion."
Franklin: "I am a STAUNCH .... cat loyalist."
(I thought I had some Sister C quotes, but I guess not)
Yep, i am really going to miss Franklin hahaha.

Sorry this email lacked anything spiritual. I promise the next ones will be full of things I've been learning!

Hope you all have an awesome week. pray for me haha

Sister Lawson

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