Wednesday, April 6, 2016

In case you didn't already know...

Snellville is a neat place. Learning new things about it every week!
1. The town motto is "Where everybody's a somebody"
2. Home of 2nd runner-up on the first season of American Idol, Diana DiGarmo!
3. Home of the Flesh-eating bacteria girl (pls google this)
4. Home of Greta Coble, Crossing Guard of 45 YEARS at South Gwinnett High School (also pls google her...she's in our ward.)

In case you didn't already read from all the other missionaries' weekly emails, GENERAL CONFERENCE HAPPENED AND IT WAS BOMB. 
There's just something really special about being a missionary and listening to the prophet... But man, "Chinese Cat"?? Did anyone else catch that?!?? He spoke for like a whole 3 minutes...i'm getting a tad worried about Pres. Monson haha. 

Shout out to Leslie/momma for turning a year older...(Everyone thinks you're like 30 when I show them a picture of you so feel good about that)
Shout out to Brother O'Very for stepping up to the 3rd row in MoTab! 
Shout out to me for falling down the stairs and getting a large bruise on my ____
Shout out to my pal Kyler for pulling off the baptism of 500 lb Albert in good ole' Ohio!
Shout out to Jeni going to serve the Lord in INDIANA!!!!!!!!!! :)
Also shout out to Sister Oscarson for throwing it DOWN on the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ found ONLY in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. #KillinIt

We had a cool lady named Khadisha request a visit from the missionaries and she's SOLID. Her literal words as soon as we walked through the door: 
K-So where's the ward at? 
us-uhhhhh WHAT?? 
K-I've been to the ward in Sandy Springs several times and my soul feels at home in your church. I'd like to be baptized with my husband and 8 children.

UMMM KKKKKKKK WHAT???? It was nutz. She and her family are out of town for Spring Break til next week so i'll be updating you later.

I'm sorry, i'm out of time! 

Okay, stay sassy. BYE

Sister Lawson

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