Monday, May 9, 2016

Peachtree City: "The Bubble"

Sooooo this last week has been one of the longest of my life, but also not that bad.
As you all know, I left my home in Snellville this week (which was a lot harder than I thought it would be) and have moved to a lovely place called Peachtree City!

Here are a few random facts about the Peachtree City area:
1. About 50% of the ward is made up of one super connected family. They are all named Clarke, or have been a Clarke at some point in their life, until they got married and took a new name. I think there are at least 7 Clarke families on the ward roster haha.
2. The area is about 3 square miles big (small). This means the ward is basically a Utah ward because it's so compacted, and probably 80-90% of the ward is totally active. As a missionary, this is slightly difficult but that's alright.
3. This is one of the richest areas in the mission. Also slightly difficult as a missionary, but that's alright.
4. EVERYONE RIDES AROUND IN GOLFCARTS. Everyone owns a golf cart too. You think I'm joking but I'm not. The whole town is laced with trails all over for golf carts, not for bikes. There are even golf cart signs instead of pedestrian signs. Crazy. It's kind of cute but really weird at the same time haha. I've been on at least 3 golf cart rides already this week and IT'S AWESOME.
5. I am one of only 2 sister companionship's in the whole mission that rides around on bikes. So therefore, I am going to be much o buff and in shape this transfer which is exciting. However, I have been sick with something weird this week so the bikes have been a bit of a problem.
6. Everyone in Peachtree City literally refers to the town as "The Bubble".
7. I have talked to one black person the whole week. This is also weird.
8. We are currently teaching 2 fifteen year old girls (Molly and Paulina....I've only met Molly so far and she's so cool!) and yet again, it's so weird to me because no matter where I go, I can't escape the youth-aged girls hahaha.
10. We are staying in a 4-man apartment and it's SUCH A PARTY.

Fun facts about my companion, Sister Leyba (lay-buh):
1. She's from Lehi, UT
3. Her personality is kind of a mix between my cousin Hilary, my roomie Brenna From Kansas, and a Disney Princess.
4. Overall she's just way awesome and hardcore and sweet and kicks my butt on the bikes, and makes me breakfast and cute notes and is overall a more Christlike person than me in every single way possible. YES I LOVE HER!

I'm sorry y'all, i don't really have much else to say or much more time!

Shout out to Snellville for being cute and ya and miss ya!

Sister Lawson

1. Selfie with the Cahills on the last night in Snellville :(
2. Me and compy on a golf cart ride. :)
3. The golf cart signs
4. Bike fun
5. Post-rainstorm riding
6. Our friends saw us out riding bikes on the streets!
7. Our cute investigator's daughter and her LEOPARD GECKO


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