Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The work basically exploded this week . . .

The work basically exploded this week--seriously awesome stuff happened... and then it crashed down as quickly as it started. But that's missionary work for ya. 


1. John: still being difficult. I don't wanna talk about it. We told him he needs to be obedient and try harder. I'm tired of passive-aggressive people, i'll be honest hahaha.

2. We were not able to see Khadisha this week :( and she never responds to phone calls or texts or answers the door or anything so we're kind of at a loss about what to do there. SHE'S SO READY DANG IT

3. Nina: WE HAD AN AWESOME LESSON WITH HER. For whatever reason, we felt really strongly that we needed to show her the 20min restoration video about Joseph Smith (which we never do) so we did. The beginning of the lesson was rocky though...we brought this member with us who kept throwing it off and taking us down weird tangents and man...it was skressful. (Southern speak for "stressful"). But it was saved when Sister Howell basically forced her to watch the video hahaha. Afterward, she said in her cute broken English "Ya, that's my story! i am like joseph smith! I want to know which church is right!" So that was SUPER COOL. It's hard to describe how strongly the spirit was there through words, but it was thick enough that you could cut it like a knife. i'll put it that way. She committed to come to church and promised us so many times that she was going to be there!....til an hour before she says "my husband is taking me to his church. I'll be there next week!"...........k.
4. Faith: AWESOME. I can't remember if i've talked about her before. The elders gave us to her because she's a 15 year old girl and it's awkward for them haha... But yeah, basically she studied the church for 2 years back in Illinois, was about to be baptized, and then moved here right before her baptism. She got offended at one of the youth activities here in Snellville and hasn't wanted to come back since. She asked us to come over the other night and we had a good little chat about what her REAL issues were...she's worried that she's not going to join for the right reasons and be a "robot" in the church. Sad! we got to talk a lot about what true conversion is and how to gain that conversion for herself. Sister Howell and I both got to share our conversion stories (because everyone has one :)) and she was like "okay, i'm going to do this right this time. I am going to come to church with you this sunday and do everything you ask me to because I want to know for myself that this is true. Would you like me to say the closing prayer?"...haha she knows the drill. I LOVE FAITH. She came to church this Sunday with us and it was SO HAPPY! So yes, she's on the right track and we are excited about her. :)
5. EVELYN: I am most excited about her! The other day we were visiting cute Sister Coble (crossing guard lady) and we said "Hey, we were reading through some old records the other day and found this girl named Evelyn. It says you gave her a Book of Mormon...do you know anything about that?" her: "Ah shoot, i'm 75. I dont remember nothin' no more. But it could be this one lady...come with me!" *Gets in truck*...*meets Evelyn who is literally the biggest Drop of Awesome of all time*. Here is the story of Evelyn (i'm trying to sweeten-condense this, but it's really hard and i'm sorry):
-Sister Coble gave her a Book of Mormon in high school (she's 22 now), and she's been reading it ever since. She likes that it has "birthdays"..still dont know what that means.
-She's in the army. Her boyfriend is also in the army and coming home next week. He's been studying the church over in Afghanistan and has come to the conclusion that he needs to be baptized. Evelyn has been meeting with us simultaneously and has also come to the conclusion that she needs to be baptized. Neither of them knew this until the day before our lesson this week.
-a trillion other things about her life have completely aligned with her learning about the church and she is so ready and so excited to learn as much as she can because her prayers were answered with us!
-We had this really powerful lesson with her. The thing about Evelyn to remember is that she's really really LOUD. Like really loud. There is no such thing as having a quiet lesson with quietly feeling the spirit, because it's literally impossible. She feels the spirit by being loud and excited and having a feeling of understanding wash over her. Needless to say, it was the loudest, most exciting, most energetic lesson i've ever had. We were all jumping around and standing on our chairs and yelling because we were all so pumped. (i promise you, this is okay). Everything about the gospel just made so much sense to her! In all the excitement, we put her on date for baptism the 30th. 4-30...*sidenote: Prior to this lesson, she had been seeing the number 430 EVERYWHERE. She took that as a sign when we invited her to that date. SO COOL. But seeing as she was getting baptized the 30th, it was absolutely essential that she came to church with us yesterday, otherwise she wouldnt be ready.
-You guessed it: She didn't come to church, wouldnt answer the phone, and is no longer getting baptized the 30th. And we have not been able to reach her since Friday. SATAN IS SO COOL AND NICE ;)
I'm just drained. yet again. EMOTIONS ARE HARD. 

other fun stuff this week:
1. Sister Howell and i have been growing a plant and IT SPROUTED YESTERDAY. I screamed for a good long time bc excitement.
2. There's some huge thing on the news here in Gwinnett County about a CNA who was beating up all her old patients and abusing them super badly who just got arrested (it may have made national news by now...). I briefly looked at the TV in someone's home in the exact same moment that this lady's face came on the TV. IT WAS SOMEONE I HAD TALKED TO HERE IN SNELLVILLE AND TAUGHT ONE TIME. Hahahahaha it was really shocking, but now i know someone infamous and its funny. :)

I think that's all I've got for the week. 
Stay happy, yall! Love ya!

Sister Lawson

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