Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I have had diarrhea since easters...

(I've been waiting a long time to use this quote for the subject line)

I dunno guys, this week was pretty boring-ish, I'll be honest.

A lot happened but it's not worth putting a lot of detail into it so I probably won't.

JOHN--sorry I was dramatic last week, but it was a dramatic time. This week we were weekly planning and received MAJOR revelation about how to help John. It sounds dumb and like we should have known it before, but the Spirit told us before we move on to anything else, we need to help him quit smoking. So that's what we are gonna do! We decided he's not going to receive any answers or feel the spirit completely until he quits, so this is the solution. If anyone has any tips, that would be swell. We are still seeking answers to that. Also we created this beautiful, wonderful chart to help him read the Book of Mormon with more purpose and understanding and he says it's been WORKING! Ahhh thank you Heavenly Father... Even if it's little by little, John is progressing. :)

Other fun thing: I don't know if you will remember this, but a few months ago, I wrote about a guy named Terry who stole Sister Russell's Bible...GOOD NEWS. I GOT IT BACK. It was the most embarrassing/awkward situation yet. But he says he wants to come to General Conference this week so that's a major WOO.

(Random other fun thing: This week we went contacting at the park and randomly ran into our favorite best friend Kate from the ward, who was hanging out with her boyfriend. We attacked her and majorly embarrassed them, fun stuff. Then we creeped and it was good times. Pictures included)

I really am trying so hard to think of other things to say... there wasn't all that much.

The last month has been really hard, as I'm sure you've read in previous weeks. A lot of missionaries have told me that most people go through 4 or 5 Refiner's Fires during their missions, and I'm coming to really understand that more for myself. I've been through one major one already, and I guess this is just one more of those. Heavenly Father sure is good at helping you realize what your weaknesses are...but also what you're really good at! I KNOW THAT HE IS MINDFUL OF ME.

Okay, I'm really sorry this is a lame one, but I love you all lots.

--Sister Lawson

1. Good news, I finally have a picture of JOHN! In all his glory...back brace, cane, camo, BlueTooth headphones, rabbit cage, wheelbarrow, Duck Dynasty shirt...yep, this picture is the essence of John. Sorry it took me forever to show you what he looks like, but it's awkward to ask a 33 year old man if you can take a picture of him.
2. This is called pollen gathering in the water, and apparently this isn't even bad yet. DO YOU SEE HOW MUCH POLLEN THAT IS?????
3. Me being cute with Kate and Boyfriend <3
4. This week I was eating a cupcake and Sister Howell ambushed me and made fun of me :(

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