Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Turkey Dayyyy

Hello family and friends!
Unfortunately I am a dingus and forgot to bring my old planner so I don't remember too much about this week, but just know that it was incredibly slow because of the holiday and I'm way sad about it.

Updates on major investigators:
Frank: still going strong-ish... he's having a couple doubts because he keeps talking to his minister friends who hate mormons and it's becoming an issue. Also he's really hard to meet with so that's where we are at.
Shenelle: definitely still going strong!
Franklin: Not much progression... we call him ocassionally, but he's not following through on any comittments. :(
Donna: she is currently in the process of moving and is going through MAJOR family issues.. She called us in hysterics the other day to ask for financial help for her daughter and it was so sad..so we are giving her a little space til everything gets worked out.

Thanksgiving as a missionary is the weirdest thing because it feels just like any other day... you're expected to go out and knock on doors like any other day and talk to people like any other day... it's so weird. Obviously, this would irritate some people on a family oriented holiday, so we spent our time at member's houses and talking to people at the park so that was fun. Also we went to thanksgiving lunch at a member's house where there were 60+ other people crammed in there as well so my anxiety kicked in hard core, and also there was a man dressed like a pirate. apparently, he dresses like a pirate every day, and has dressed this way for the last 10 years so that was really exciting.

Friday was so exciting! WE WITNESSED A CRIME. (I PROMISE I WAS SAFE THE WHOLE TIME). Basically we saw these 2 boys sprinting down the street away from a car spun around with slashed tires. Then we noticed one of them had a gun so that was more exciting. The best part of this all was that we saw all of this happen at the exact time that we were in the middle of leaving a message for our district leaders on the phone so they heard everything and were calling us back frantically asking what was happening! hilarious.

Saturday was also AWESOME. We went to the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in downtown Snellville and became total BFFs with the Mayor! And it turns out he loves mormons so that's really great news. He is the sweetest old man and we got a picture with him!

Sunday, we had dinner with Sister C which was the best dinner appt of all time. Favorite Sister C quotes at dinner included: 
-"You can't get sealed to cats, I've already asked the bishop."
-"I gave one of my cats a lot of cat therapy when she was first born."
-"Oh i have a family tree for all the cats! i can email it to you." (there is a lot of confusion and incest amongst her cats) (sadly i forgot to give her my email)
-"I have 3 cats buried in my back yard."
Good times, friends.

So yeah, that's about all i have this week. 
I'm thankful for all of you and hope you had an awesome thanksgiving! LOVE YOU

Sister Lawson

1. me and Santana!
3. Christmas tree selfieeeee
4. me making Nigerian FuFu (foo foo)
5. us and the Mann's on Thanksgiving
6. me and (one of) sister C's creepy hairless cats

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