Monday, December 14, 2015


Can you believe it's almost Christmas!??
I seriously can't. There's no snow!!!!!!!!! and it's 70 degrees!!!!!!!!

First news: no transfers! Sister Russell and i are pumped that we get to spend another transfer together in the best ward on EARTH! Snellville aint ready for this. #hollaaaaa
We saw some major miracles this week, and also some major hardships this week.
1. Tuesday night, we invited Rainy and Sehaj and Jay to the mutual activity that was going to be AWESOME. It was this whole "caroling" activity where the youth would go door to door and it was pre-arranged that they'd get totally rejected by everyone and at the last house, they show up to, the person would take them around back because they had "no room to let them inside" and there would be this huge nativity set up and they'd have a big fireside about Christ. Wellllll.... there were many problems. Rainy and fam showed up 45 minutes late so they didn't get the full effect, it was FREEZING, there were major technical difficulties, and the spirit just wasn't there. It was heartbreaking and we were so embarrassed! And we haven't seen them since... oh well. We will let you know what happens in the future!
2. Wednesday: This was probably the worst, hardest day of my mission so far. We were so pumped because we had 4 different lessons set up with all of investigators, however, every single person we met with was so hard-hearted and threw us some of the toughest questions I've ever heard. Lesson after lesson after lesson we were completely attacked and torn to shreds haha. It was horrible. After the 3rd bad lesson, sister russell and i just sat in the car and cried our eyes out for a second. We just could not catch a break! But the miracle of this all was that even when these people did everything they could to prove us wrong, we still testified with POWER and AUTHORITY and stood our ground. We know what we believe, and we will defend it til the day we die. I love this gospel and i can firmly say without a shadow of a doubt that I KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE.

Okay, enough sad stuff because this week was literally the best. 
1. JOHN. John is the most amazing person. This week we met with him and the spirit was SO STRONG. I can't even explain it.. we just testified so simply and plainly that the gospel and the Book of Mormon will change his life, and you could just see in his eyes that he believed it! After the lesson, i couldn't even remember a word taht was said. That's how you KNOW it was a lesson completely led by the spirit! We love John so much and I'm so excited we get to spend another transfer here teaching him more about how he can receive eternal happiness. WOOOO
2. Sister Russell and I bought voice recorders so that's been a hoot haha.
3. I survived driving on Atlanta highways....this is a big moment for me.
4. ELDER HOLLAND CAME TO ATLANTA. I shook an apostle of the Lord's hand and that is something I will never forget for the rest of my life. Sister Russell and i sat on the 4th row and we could literally see the spit and the fire coming out of his mouth. I think my eyebrows got singed a little bit. :) But for real... it was incredible. Some major things i learned:
-A mission is A high point of my life, not THE high point. Our mission will affect us for the rest of our life and we are NEVER done progressing on the eternal path of the gospel. He said "Seize this opportunity to start the course for the rest of your life." And I'm going to do it. My mission does not stop when i get home, and it will never stop.
-I have finally been taught why a mission is so hard. It's because I signed up to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I have signed up to experience equally hard things like He did, do equally hard things like He did and be equally tested, tempted and tried like He was. The atonement was not easy, so why should a mission be easy if I am His disciple? By accepting the call to serve, i took on the challenge to become more like the Savior than I will ever get the chance to do again in my life and I will not take that lightly. I have been given 15 more months to strengthen my relationship with the Savior as much as I can and I have finally accepted the fact that it will be hard. 

I can't even begin to sum up everything I learned this week. There were a lot of trials and adversities, but also so many miracles and evidences that God loves me and has a plan for me. MISSIONS ARE THE BEST

Well friends, i love you all! Stay good and stuff.

Sistah Lawson 

1. Posin' with Santa at the Ward christmas party
2. Potential Christmas Card
3. Sister Russell and her alpaca spirit animal
4. Georgia sunrises <3

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