Tuesday, December 22, 2015


The best news of the week is that I am officially not a greenie, and I officially DONE with the "12 week training program" for new missionaries. HOLLLAAAA #ChristmasMiracle (that was the worst.)
Lots of good things are happening....
1. Sister Russell and I realized that we are super good at cross-stitching. Don't ask us how we figured this out but we did.
2. Met the nicest J-dubb yet. He was a fun one to talk to...He invited us to Kingdom Hall haha! But yeah, teaching him was interesting because we'd ask him a question and he'd throw all these bible verses at us and then completely contradict his previous statement every time we asked him something. He doesn't believe in second chances and thinks everyone is condemned... that's so sad. #ThankfulForTheRestoredGospel..but yeah, he's a nice guy but keeps bailing on us every time we try to set up something to meet with him again.
3. Santana is considering moving to work overseas because she hates her job so much haha. But she's  also been considering working for CES! That would be SWEET.
4. Sister C STILL really wants to get sealed to her cats.
5. Best news... Shenelle is still doing so good! It's kind of funny though, every time we go over to teach Shenelle, it turns into a lesson for her mom... This week she was like "ya know, I've never fasted before. I probably should because I'm trying to find a more stable job." so we talked to her about it and bore our testimonies and shared experiences we've had from fasting! We're really praying she'll have a good experience. But yeah, it's been crazy watching how much her mom's heart has been softened in the last month! When we first started meeting with Shenelle, her mom was very against us putting her on date for baptism. But now at the rate she's been going, her mom might be getting baptized before Shenelle does haha :) AWESOME.
6. buying a voice recorder was the best decision we've ever made. I can't tell you how many crazy people we meet on the side of the road and how many strange conversations we've recorded in the last week alone. 
7. We had another lesson with this woman I'm going to call J because she's a little strange. We met her a few weeks ago and had a lesson about the Restoration which didn't go so well...she is one confused person. She's one of those "Christians" who believe one thing, but then contradict it in the next sentence, and in the end they actually don't know what they believe, but keep trying to convince you they know absolutely 100% what they are talking about. But to be nice, we invited her to church and she was really pumped for that and actually came!  We just don't know how much longer we are going to keep seeing her though because we're not sure that she's all there actually... also I'm pretty sure she's narcoleptic because she kept randomly falling asleep at church and would snore super loud, then wake up suddenly. It was strange. Also she says she has a website.. she gave me her card. Still not sure what the purpose of her website is, but I'm sure it's great hahaha. She said "Yeah one time i was just surfing the web and this thing popped up asking me if i wanted to create a website so i totally did! And it's a website company from Denmark. I post videos and answer questions from people. You should check it out." So yeah, i have her card and i will definitely check it out when i come home hahahaha. :)
8. In honor of my non-greenie ness, Sister Russell organized a graduation ceremony for me involving an African dress, a princess Santa Claus hat, and peanut butter. I'm not going to try to explain it but just know that it was magical and I am OFFICIALLY no longer a greenie. :) hahaha

I'm sorry that I hardly ever include spiritual things in here... Seriously though, I can't even begin to explain how much my testimony has grown in just 3 short months! It's incredible to see so many miracles happen every day and I know without a doubt that Jesus Christ truly is my Savior, that God loves me and has a plan for me, and that if I follow what he has asked of me, I WILL return to live with my Father and older brother again one day.
I love this gospel so so much, and am so blessed to be able to share my testimony with others around every single day, especially during this christmas season! #cliche
christmas.mormon.org #ASaviorIsBorn SHARE IT!!!!

Peace and blessin's,
Sister Lawson
1. The best district!
2. Classic georgia.
3. My favorite Nigerian, Brother Samuel in astronaut form.
4. Me bein' pasty white and also thuggy.. don't ask how that works.
5. Graduation ceremony... I can't even try to explain.

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