Monday, October 24, 2016


Welp, another week in the life of Sister Lawson was a success...

1. Our first annual Zone Training as the Powder Springs South Zone happened this week and it was AWESOME. Like I mentioned last week, we played quidditch with a missionary spin on it (don't ask me how it worked because it just did) and the people went nuts.

Comments included "This was the most fun zone training I've ever been to" or "I ACTUALLY LEARNED THINGS!" sooooo.....#Success.

I was mostly just excited because we really helped to set a tone of excitement for the work in our zone and people left feeling really motivated to go out and do stuff.

Our second training was about increasing our faith to find prepared people so we did something called a "Miracle Family". Basically we invited everyone to pray with their companion to envision a very specific person or family they wanted to try to find this transfer. It requires the utmost mucho great big faith of all time, and we all left on a spiritual high and with a goal to "Get the Snitch"....nice. (I think I explained that super terribly but that's alright get the idea.)

2. After a very long, very frustrating, circular lesson about the Word of Wisdom again with Brenda and her grandkids, we FINALLY got them committed to not drink anymore coffee! (Yes, the 4-year-old included...hahaha. Their life is weird). 

3. I found another new 90 something-year-old best friend this week named Brother Lamb and he's ADORABLE! It was like talking to Mr. EJ all over, I miss that cute man.

4. We've been enlisted to help start up a YSA something-or-other down here in Carrollton so my dreams of serving in a YSA are starting to come true!

5. Our new friend Allison is AWESOME. We had a lesson about prayer this week and she prayed out loud for the first time ever :*) it was so cute. This week we are going to help her quit smoking so PRAY FOR THAT PLEASE!

6. Once upon a time, we found a hidden Christian Bookstore and my life got really happy all of a sudden. A year ago, I never would have thought that I would find the greatest joy in walking down the aisles of a Baptist version of Deseret Book but yeah..I'm really going to miss those stores when I come back.

7. James is FINALLY starting to recognize the Spirit and not be so logical about everything in the gospel. We had a really powerful lesson where he literally felt God TELL HIM to quit smoking right there. The spirit was strong and he couldn't deny it. THE SPIRIT IS SO COOL. (Sorry, I couldn't explain what happened as well as I'd like to but yeah...the spirit is awesome, seriously.)

I think that's all I've got for this week....Life is still SO GOOD. I love Carrollton, my mission, and serving the Lord. I'M NEVER COMING HOME, BYE! (actually yeah I am because I miss you all...)

Sister Lawson

1-2. Zone training and "Getting the Snitch"..(yes, that's our whole's tiny!)
3. One time the trim fell off our car and it was pitch black on a dirt road so we didn't know what else to do...
4. A cool old building we found in Roopville!
5. Making breakfast for dinner with my compy!
6. A hilarious car we found at Walmart this week.

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