Monday, October 31, 2016

Donny Osmond is all over my fridge

Before I forget, someone named Jake Harper was really mad I didn't give him a shout out last week for the inspiration of the "Zone Training Quidditch Match". He'll get over it, but I felt like i should shout him out anyway. You 'da man! Thanks for the help. It was a success.

Unfortunately, i am pretty much out of time because i stink and don't know how to use my time wisely still after 13 1/2 months of doing this thing. Sorry this will be short!
1. We definitely bought pumpkins to carve tonight and I'm pumped about it.

2. Our investigator James REALLY REALLY wants to wash my feet because #Respect...I dunno, he's like way into symbolic stuff like that. He is 100% not allowed anywhere near my feet though so he'll have to figure out a different way to show his respect to me haha. (Diet Coke and watermelon sour patch kids are always a sure-fire way to win my heart...*HINT HINT BECAUSE BIRTHDAY COMING UP!*)

3. We spent SOOOOOOOOO much time volunteering at the local Soup Kitchen this week and it was my favorite service I've done of all time ever. Helping people rocks.

4. Some of you might remember me mentioning in my very first email in Carrollton a woman who is OBSESSED with Donny Osmond....if not, that's okay. But! This same woman was super nice and gave us an entire bag full of 400-500 magnets with Donny Osmond's face on them. They are currently plastered to our fridge. She also promised me a plaque with his face on it for my birthday to hang on our wall. (Being a missionary is the best because you get lots of free random hilarious crap from people...this same week, we also got a hilarious Bamboo plant from the local Dollar-A-Scoop Chinese Buffett on Bankhead Highway...#SponsoredTweet. Life is good.)

5. Our first exchange as STL's in the PSS zone was a success! Shout out to Villa Rica for being fun.

6. Sorry this stinks and there is zero spiritual stuff in here...I had some of the best studies of my whole mission this week though, I promise! I'll have to fill ya'll in next week I guess.

I'm out!

Sistah Lawson
1. Ward Trunk or Treat!

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