Thursday, October 13, 2016

Baptism Scandals

Hello family and others that I've had some kind of contact with in the last 20 years of my life! This will be a quick one, sorry!

Transfer news: I will be staying here in Carrollton and will become an STL again! I'm excited. STL life was a fun life. :) Sister Freitag will be heading home to go get MARRIED!!!! (probs)

Welp, it was probably the most stressful, exciting weekend I've had in a long long time. Christine got baptized last minute, as you might remember I talked about last week. Everything was looking all great and ready to roll for the baptism the day before. We got there an hour early, the font was filling, sweet prelude music filled the halls....*sidenote: Christine is a...bigger lady.*
10 minutes till the baptism starts, Christine goes to try on the biggest baptismal clothing we had at the church doesn't fit. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I died. *scrambles*

*REWIND TO 5 DAYS EARLIER: "Hey Christine! Here are some of the biggest suits we have, will you try them on to make sure they fit?"
Christine: "Nah, I'm good. That one looks big enough."
Me: *the spirit nudges me and tells her to try it on anyway* "...are you sure?"
Her: "Yep, I'm good."

FAST FORWARD TO THE BAPTISM: *zipper won't go up.* "crap."

Half an hour passes, we run around trying to figure out a solution and literally can't think of ANYTHING. Then Christy gets this idea to tie a tablecloth around her and be all "Greek Goddess" over the top of the suit, while beneath she is hanging out. 
Us: "K let's try it, I'm out of ideas."

The service starts 30 minutes late...
President Foote was there...
8 sets of other missionaries were there...

Christine goes down under the water, comes back up and the TABLECLOTH COMES OFF. *use your imagination* (sorry to be graphic hahaha.) 

Definitely the most scandalous baptism I've ever been to hahaha.

I'm so happy it's over.

SOMETHING ALWAYS HAS TO GO WRONG IN BAPTISMS. WHY? other news, I got my first REAL taste of Georgia BBQ and it was the most glorious thing I've ever put in my mouth. Thank the heavens for po-dunk Carrollton


Sorry to be short!
Love you, bye!

Sister Lawson

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