Monday, August 1, 2016

Sweating like a Pig-Dog (it's so dang hot!)

Sorry guys, I'm way out of it and not ready to give a full-on letter. so this week, you get "My Life This Week in Bullet Points and Out-Of-Context-Quotes". Enjoy!

-The most exciting news of the week is we have a woman on date for September 11th! Her name is Sideth (Sid-ette) Sao (like "Cow" but with an S) and she's from Cambodia. Long story short, her family was all baptized a few years ago, but she recently has decided that she's ready to join the church too! YAY. So we've been teaching her with her cute broken English and been having a lot of fun with it. We are excited!

-There's a new Italian elder serving with us in our ward and he's actually the most hilarious person of all time. we've been attempting to teach him some American slang, and sometimes he gets it right, but most of the time he gets it wrong. some favorite quotes this week included: *Italian accent* "Man, I'm sweating like a pig-dog."......"You are a spicy homie"......"Pineapple on pizza is disgusting".

-We volunteered at the food bank a few times this week! definitely my favorite service project yet.

****The tabloids at Walmart today said that Miley Cyrus is pregnant with Liam Hemsworth's baby....can anyone confirm or deny this?****

-"Tender Mercies" of the week included: Build-your-own sandwiches from Sprouts, Watermelon Sourpatch Kids, a new .38 pen and exchanges in Sharpsburg.

-Yesterday, a less-active woman in the ward texted us two hours before church asking us to find her a ride for her FAMILY OF 7. Ask me if it was the most stressful 2 hours ever because it was. Thankfully, after 17 calls and 28 texts, a man in the ward with a 12 passenger van offered to pick them up. #Blessed

-A few weeks ago I talked about a woman in the ward who's husband was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and talked about some awesome personal revelation she gave me. This woman is my hero! Yesterday that same woman piped up in a lesson and shared some more thoughts with me about becoming refined through your trials:
"You will never be on the other side of your trials. Trials are always going to come and we can't just sit around and wait for them to be over. When you look for the negatives, YOU WILL FIND THEM. You will find them and be miserable and lose all your light and growth, which is exactly what Satan wants. He wants you to be sad and miserable just like he is. When hard times come, you just have to remember to look for the Lord's hands! See the positives and cling to them! Instead of telling myself that life sucks because now I can't have anymore kids, or we have no more money left, or wow my husband is probably going to die soon, I choose to say 'wow look at my beautiful son' or 'I'm thankful i have so many people willing to bring us meals or drive us around' or 'he made it through another day'".  
I don't really know how to put my thoughts into words, but just know that this was some major revelation for me. And I'll just leave it at that.

I'm out for the week!
Til next time,
Sister Lawson

Out of Context quotes of the week (there were more than usual so I have to include them!):
-*Random guy on the skreet* "Are y'all realtors?" no, missionaries...."Oh alright, imma go back inside then"
-Sister Simmons to Sister Hines: "If you got stung by a jellyfish, I'd totally pee on you." #CompUnity
-"She doesn't deserve a picture of my foot."
-*Walks in and sees a pantsless drunk lady listening to Fleetwood Mac: "HEY GUYS! THIS IS GOING TO BE MY FUNERAL SONG!"
-*Bounce house breaks* "well crap."
-*Goes to the park for some "pokemon-go" street contacting* #creativity
-*Talking about Nigerian food* "speaking of jackpot, I've got an armadillo in the backyard." WHAT?
-*Opossum hunting* "I need a laundry basket, the golf club and the plunger."
100 year old man Mr. EJ holding a 100 year old gun. 

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