Monday, November 2, 2015

Transfer news is in . . .

Transfer news is in... We are both staying here in Snellville! #hollaaaa

As exciting as it was that Halloween was this week, nothing all the exciting actually happened. The leaves are changing like mad here though so I guess that's good news.

This week we've been trying really hard to find some new investigators to teach because the less-actives we used to visit all the time are not-so-less-active anymore! :) but yeah, so there have been many finding activities this week which included drawing a giant "PLAN OF SALVATION" diagram all over the park in chalk and talking to old men walking their dogs who "don't speak the language of Jesus that i speak". Wut?

We also had a huge miracle: On Sunday, we were out finding, and feeling pretty low because it had been a slow day. But the spirit spoke to me saying, "go knock on that door". So we did. I asked if we could say a prayer with this happy woman who opens the door! (and this was another one of those awesome Georgia moments where people immediately invite you in if you're ever talking about Jesus.) Her name was Chika and her husband was Obi (they're from Nigeria). and immediately they bombard us with these questions like "What church are you from? what are your beliefs? What is the way to eternal life? You're telling us we can be together forever--how do we do that?" like seriously, it was crazy. They were eating it up. And then Sis Russell was all "Can i read a chapter from the Book of Mormon with you?" so we are reading with them and after, Chika is all "Wait, that sounds like something from the Bible.. are you sure that's not the bible?" And we are all "No it's not the Bible, but it sounds familiar to you because they testify of each other! We need both of them! Blah blah blah.." So yeah, that was nuts. They committed to reading the BoM every day and we are following up with them later this week! The only sucky part is that they have crazy work schedules and it's hard to catch them all together at the same time. But pretty much, they are the most prepared people I've met so far and we are really praying that they'll continue reading daily and progressing! #MiraclesAndStuff

So a week or so ago, Sister Russell ran into this guy named Frank while we were on exchanges, and we've been teaching him ever since! I can't remember if i've already talking about him, but he's this really sweet old puerto rican man who LOVES using his arms to talk. I think he's almost accidentally punched me in the face like 3 times. But anyway..he's come to church the last few weeks and has read SO MUCH of the Book of Mormon-like a good 2-3 books, which is unheard of to me so far on my mission. Most people only read like 3 pages or less, if any at all. He loves it and loves all the "characters" in the book haha. He says "This book is scary. Every time I read it, it freaks me out because it makes me want to change so badly. I'm such a sinner!" Haha it was cute. And the other day he was like (in his cute spanish accent) "So what's the um...code of behavior I would need follow to be of the church of the Latter-day saints?" UM LET US TELL YOU PLEASE. Basically, he's golden and he's totally ready for baptism. We are stoked! Moral of the story is: the Book of Mormon (along with the spirit) has more power to convert if people simply read it! #SCRIPTUREPOWER

Hilarious story: Sister Russell gets crazy bloody noses apparently. A few days ago we were about to go to a member's house for dinner and all of a sudden her nose starts GUSHING blood. I literally mean gushing. So she's hanging out the car door just dripping this blood for a good 20-30 minutes and I got it all on video. HOLLAAA

Another hilarious story: Sister C has TWELVE (12) HAIRLESS CATS. TWELVE. SHE HAS TWELVE OF THEM. She has 12 hairless cats. We had the lucky privelege of meeting 2 of them this week and they were the creepiest things. One of them almost jumped on me and i screamed for a sec. She's all "Yeah, i'm moving all 12 of them out of Franklin's house eventually to come live with me so you'll be able to see all of them soon! yay! :D:D:D:D:D" Wut. But Sister C is doing AWESOME. It's been incredible to watch the change she's gone through since I first met her and every time we go over there, it brightens my whole week to see how happy she has become. #ILOVESISTERC

Welp... I love you all I hope you're all reading your scriptures and praying daily. Make good choices, don't get fat on Halloween candy... don't be a dingus.


Love, Sista Lawson

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