Monday, November 9, 2015


Kinda running out of time, but it's fine because this week was half-way super exciting.

Monday: nada

Tuesday: Taught Shenelle (she's 11) about the Plan of Salvation which was cute because we had visuals and everything. She's currently off-date just because we don't think she'll be ready for baptism by the 14th. But #Pray4Shenelle!

Wednesday: Taught Frank with the Shaffers, and he's awesome! He's all the way into Jacob in the Book of Mormon (still mind-boggling to me) and hasn't smoked for almost 3 or 4 days straight! (Keep in mind, this is INSANE because he's struggled for the last 50 years with this addiction). He's progressing so much! However, we invited him to baptism and he said "nah, maybe next year" so that's an issue. Stay tuned...

Thursday: Okay major miracles. For the last few weeks, we've been praying a lot to find people who are looking for "church homes" (because apparently that's a thing in Georgia). So Thursday, we went finding like mad and found 3 or 4 solid people LOOKING FOR CHURCH HOMES. Prayer works, folks. Also on this day, we attempted to get in contact with a referral named Brian who is actually the Senior Pastor for this HUGE baptist church in snellville (i'll include a picture of the "Great and Spacious Building" in which he worships.) But yeah, we gave him a BoM and are hoping he'll get back in contact with us so that he can either 1) Bible-Bash us to shreds, or 2) allow us to unfold to him the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ in it's restored simplicity. So we will let you know which happens later. :)

Friday: For dinner, we were fed Nigerian food by a real life Nigerian. So I was actually super excited about this, but it turns out that Nigerian food is an acquired taste that I'm not willing to 'acquire' to. Yep, Nigerian food is nasty. But I can say I tried it! Also I'm sorry that all I ever talk about in emails is food. 

Saturday: Saw Chika again! She's mad stressed out because she works full time, goes to school full time and has a family full time so it's going to be rough getting in contact with them. BUT THEY ARE SO PREPARED D*NG IT. THEY NEED THE GOSPEL. Also Chika gave us MORE Nigerian food so yay.... :/  

Also taught Frank again! We realized that our mistake last time was that we never explained WHY we were inviting him to be baptized. #dinguses. So we fixed our mistake and he's starting to understand more of why it's so important. YAY4PROGRESS. Also he loves Joseph Smith so much. 
Saturday night, we also went and visited Sister C and the hairless cats. and guess what??! I found out more neat-o facts about her! :) She loves to cook her food in....THE BATHROOM. She has a stove, mini fridge and everything in there. Neat-o, huh?! Also, she loves to use the word 'Neat-o'. Man, i love her.

Sunday: FRANKLIN CAME TO CHURCH. FRANKLIN, SISTER C'S BLIND FIANCE. HE CAME. Oh my goodness, it was so happy. And afterwords, we taught him a lesson with Brother Austin who is INCREDIBLE. He knows the scriptures so well and it was a blessing to have him there with us. We all just bore powerful testimonies to Franklin about the Book of Mormon and Prophets and the priesthood and I really think we got somewhere new with Franklin and answered a lot of the questions he had. The spirit was SO STRONG. I'm so thankful for the Book of Mormon and the convincing evidence it is that Joseph Smith truly is a prophet of God, and that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. God STILL speaks to us through prophets, and he continues to give us more revelation every single day because of the love that he has for each of us. I love the chance i have to be able to share this good news with everyone each and every day. 

Stay golden.


Sister Lawson

1. Our cute friend Earl. He's had lots of strokes so he's extra cute and spells a lot of words for us.
2. Us out walking with Kate!
3. The cool hats Sister Youngblood gave us
4. The Great and Spacious building

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