Monday, November 16, 2015

"It was like, a miracle!"

Well since I'm 20 now (barf), and since this week was AWESOME, I decided to try to share with you 20 miracles that happened this week.

1. We went on exchanges this week! FAVORITE
2. Remember me my second day in Georgia talking about Lunjua and how she fell off the face of the planet? SHE CALLED US THIS WEEK AND WANTED TO SET UP ANOTHER APPOINTMENT. And then...... we found out she moved 100 FEET OUTSIDE OF OUR BOUNDARY. :( But still, it was a huge deal!
3. Since we were on exchanges, I FINALLY got a turn to drive the car. #blessin's
4. Tuesday we were all out of lunch food so we decided to go to Waffle House and I was a dingus and missed the turn for the first one, so we drove to the next closest one instead. But it was a BLESSING because we ended up getting a new investigator out of it! His name is JT... he was the cashier who is in college. He was quite the character and had a gnarly Valley Girl voice mixed with a Southern drawl. In high school, he had a Mormon teacher who gave him extra credit for going to seminary hahaha. favorite quotes from JT: "So yeah, like we went to this class thing early in the morning and read out of y'alls weird book and it was just like weird". also, "Don't mormons like, wear that weird underwear or something?". *we invited JT to church* "Oh yeah, totally! I'll bring my roommate Jeffrey, he's a little older than me. He's like 65." (also JT is probably 21... is anyone else concerned about this?)
5. We got 2 referrals in the span of 1 hour! (we very rarely get referrals so this is definitely a miracle)
6. One referral was doing a project in her college class about Mormons and requested a Book of Mormon to PASS AROUND HER CLASS DURING THE PRESENTATION. What?!??! This is a huge deal. We were pumped, we gave her like 8 copies and a bunch of pamphlets and pass a long cards... everything. We hooked her up and even offered to come to her class and do a question-and-answer thing! The best part is that this girl has no idea how awesome of a missionary she is about to be. WE WILL BE PRAYING HARD THAT IT WILL BLESS MANY LIVES!
7. Got a new investigator named Donna! She's 68 and decided she's going to go to BYU to get a degree in Genealogy. She's really interested in religions and wants to know everything there is to know about Mormons, especially since she'll be around them all the time. We're pumped because she's the most open minded person I've met out here yet!
8. Franklin is praying about a specific date to be baptized!! YAY
9. Got some sushi this week. :)
10. Ate the BEST frozen custard of my life!
11. Sisters Training meeting... it was exactly what you'd expect: #feminism
12. WE WENT WITH SANTANA TO THE TEMPLE FOR BAPTISMS! The miracle here is that literally everything that could have gone wrong this night did go wrong. There was major miscommunication about how we were all getting there so Santana was almost to the temple while we were waiting at a member's house for her to come there so we could all ride down together... it was crazy. Also so much traffic. But #miracles because we made it and beat Satan and she had a WONDERFUL experience. Miracles happen, folks!
13. 3 LESS ACTIVES WHO HAVEN'T BEEN TO CHURCH IN 10+ YEARS WERE THERE ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We've been working so hard to get them there and it happened!
14. Found 3 new investigators one after another on the same street, and also handed out almost 20 book of mormons on my 20th birthday. #blessin's
15. Eating some of the best Fried Chicken of my life while birthday-dancing to Tamela Mann's "Take me to the king" was definitely a high light.
16. I am learning to love southern gospel music. 
17. um
18. I actually can't think of 20 miracles, but you get the picture. it was an awesome, awesome AWESOME week.

Some of my favorite gospel songs from the week:
Take Me to the King--Tamela Mann
Hosanna (LIVE VERSION ONLY)--Kirk Franklin
I smile--Kirk Franklin


1. Just a couple of the cute gifts sister russell gave me <3 (9 samuel L. jackson star wars pens, snowman salt and pepper shakers, some of her old braids.)
2. #ballin' it in our apartment
4. partyin' with sister welch on exchanges (we look high, it's fine)

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