Tuesday, January 31, 2017

De. . . . . . . . . layed

This was just such a weird, weird week.

You know those days where you are just one step behind everyone else? or you are constantly late to everything? or you want to look cute but you can't because potato? yeah, I feel like that's been going on all week long and I'm having a hard time finding my footing for whatever reason.

For one thing, I've had the nastiest cold and cough all week long and I'm kinda over it.

Another thing is we had some major car problems (shoutout to March 2016 with Sister Howell and Daeqkwon...RIP) that took much longer than they were originally supposed to. Being a missionary without a car is the absolute suckiest thing of all time because A) you get stranded way too many times and B) members really hate helping the missionaries when they need it the most, and C) I hate depending on other people in general haha. A mission has taught me that wonderful lesson--if you don't do it yourself, it won't get done. (But at the same time, Ether 12:27 @ everyone and let people fix their weaknesses). 

The struggle, man.

I don't really know exactly what to touch on this week. Satan just kinda jumped in and bashed a hammer onto everything about life for one reason or another. Dramatic. But I guess the good news is that I handled these kinks in the plans a whole lot better this time around than I have in the past! :) I was more patient, peaceful, and understanding. Not perfect, but definitely better than I was in the past. PROGRESS. #DoctrineOfChrist #TooBlessedToBeSkressed

Our 77-year-old friend Brother Leckie is still adorable and still ready to be baptized this weekend! *cue music* MIRACLES HAPPEN ONCE IN A WHILE!! Pictures will come next week. :)

OH! This was a really weird/cool thing that happened:
We went to have a lesson with a guy named G that we had met a few weeks ago while knocking on our favorite apartment complex. He walked up the stairs from a long trip at the exact moment we were about to knock on his door. So obviously, that was awkward and we had to talk to him. He said he had a Mormon friend, but the longer we talked to him, the more apparent it became that that "friend" was not just a "friend", but actually a "really friendly friend". AKA very serious girlfriend that he wants to marry, but he's conflicted with because they don't have the same religious beliefs/desires. He's a SUPER spiritual, Godly dude so we set up a time to come back and see him AND his girlfriend. 

Friday night, we show up and the girlfriend Erin starts talking suuuuuper Mormon-y and inside, we were like "G, why the heck aren't you baptized yet". Then Erin goes off about her MISSION and we were like "WHAT IS LYYFEEEE". Turns out her parents were mission presidents, all 8 of her siblings served missions, and she served herself in Japan almost 15 years ago, but she's kinda fallen off the beaten path and is finding her way back on. The lesson was filled with the Spirit, but unfortunately G is very hard-hearted right now and thinks that the only thing that should matter is the relationship with God, not the religion. Gahhhhhh I'm so over that^^ argument hahaha.

I'm still trying to figure out what the major lesson was that I learned from my experiences this week but nothing has been pieced together all that much yet. I'm sure it'll come later today. Just a whole lotta random and a whole lotta nothin. So sadly, I don't have a "spiritual" thing to talk about at the moment. Plus I'm pretty out of time and need to be done I think.

Despite the craziness, I'm still happy.

Oh, did I mention I have 2 more months left TODAY??? What is life, right?

Be good, love Jesus and serve others, y'all. 

Sister Lawson

2. Ignore my hot-mess hair (it was one of those long days), and hot-mess-sick face, and acknowledge how happy this sushi definitely made me.
3. New Beginnings! If the Lord could make my calling be in the Young Women's for the rest of my life, I would be super happy.
4. #TheSouth

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