Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Unfortunately I did the worst job ever of keeping track of exciting things that happened this week.

**Before I forget--Shout out to everyone who has emailed me in the last couple of weeks! I'm really grateful for you, even though i can't respond to you all. You da bomb! Also--Shout out to Brooke and Abbie for getting home recently or coming home this week! THAT'S SO WEIRD!!!!!**

Ariel is still going strong and made it to church this Sunday with her boyfriend Hunter which was ADORABLE. They are so perfect for each other, it's not even funny. Pictures will come soon, I promise! But yeah, they came and shes' still super excited for baptism on the 31st. :)

There were a whole lotta fall-throughs and rescheduled appointments this week which is frustrating because you just want to have a normal day, but then you remember that you can't because when you're a missionary, nothing ever goes according to plan. I feel like most of the time, we are just scrambling for something new to do because Plan A, B, all the way through Z always fall through simultaneously. Is it bad that I can't wait for the day that I won't have to plan out every single second of every single day? Because, yeah, I can't wait for that.

Caroling was taken to the next level this week! Sister Smith and I worked on a giant banner for at least 3 hours and it turned out pretty dang good, in our opinion. We took this sign to the populated town square and sang our guts out to passers-by and to the cars driving down the streets. People constantly were stopping and rolling their windows down to hear us sing and some were even asking if they could record us for their Snap Chats and Instagram's haha! We did it for 3 nights straight and I sang the loudest of all the missionaries which means my voice was completely gone 3 nights in a row. Christmas time is the best. Definitely one of my favorite memories of the mission!
Oh! We did have one really neat experience this week. We were talking to our Bishop one night and he said that his family wanted to do something special for one of our friends. We told him some suggestions of what they could do but after visiting our friend the next day, we determined that what they needed the most was a new roof because the one they have is leaking into the trailer and has completely destroyed their bedroom and the stuff inside of it. We were really scared to tell the Bishop because it was a really big thing to ask, but after some prayer, we knew that we needed to tell him. He was MORE THAN WILLING to help out and said he would do all he could to help them out! It was a huge act of charity that really touched my heart. I sat there having no idea what to say because how in the world do you thank people for doing things like that? I dunno, you probably had to be there to know how I felt but there were tears shed for sure. People are awesome! 
I think that's about all i can remember about this week. I'm excited for what the next one has in store! 
BYE Y'ALL, REMEMBER ALWAYS THIS--Jesus is the reason for the season.

I'm out.
Sister Lawson

1. A fun mural we found.
2. A pretty Southern, fall picture.
3. The finished banner! 3+ hours later...
4. Caroling on the Square. :)

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