Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmastime in "Carol"-ton

You know what's really cute about Carrollton? It's the best place to be during Christmas time simply because of the name. ADORABLE. But also it's awesome because Carrollton is just awesome any time of the year. 
This week featured a whole lot of meetings, going to the Alabama border, baby-sitting, adventures,  Christmas carols and Elder Barton's guitar. 
1. ARIEL!!!!!!! once upon a time on monday, we got a random text from a girl saved in the phone that said "Hey Sisters, I really want to start meeting with you again. Can we meet this Wednesday at 10 at the church?" k? So we did just that and met the most dry-Mormon girl you've ever seen in your life. She's been dating a member in the Buchanan branch and she's finally ready to be baptized! The best part is she already knows everything, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, doesn't live with her boyfriend, is completely normal and cute, and reads the scriptures and listens to Jeffrey R. Holland every day. Our job is going to be super easy with her. We love her already! IT WAS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! She's on date to be baptized on New Year's Eve.
2. Sister Smith and I got to be fake-STL's again for the week because one of the STL's has literally been dying in bed sick for the last 7 days. Her companion was going crazy so we offered to babysit while I went to MLC with the other one. That was pretty weird. But we spent a lot of time in their area--about 2 days--to help her be not-crazy anymore. 
3. There was a tornado warning! My first one in the South. We were forced to go indoors soooo after attempting to make some phone calls for the first hour, we kind of gave up and did crafts for the rest of the time instead. Haha we are the worst. MY ATTENTION SPAN HAS SHORTENED, I SWEAR. 
4. At a Sister's Conference, I got to see ALL my friends again! Sister Howell, Sister Hines...Even Sister Samuel from Snellville came all the way down to see me. IT WAS SO HAPPY! I have really missed everyone.
5. The weirdest thing is happening...I'm officially going to be one of the oldest in the mission. All my friends are leaving next transfer and I feel like I know absolutely no one anymore haha. Life is so weird. 
6. In honor of Christmastime, our district has spent the last 3 nights caroling at the hospital and it's been the most beautiful thing. I've never felt happier! Thankfully Elder Barton is a wizard on the guitar and and can play just about anything, and make it sound gorgeous. (Kind of reminds me of my home-boy Elder Tingey...Shoutout to you in "The Greatest OCM!")...Anyway, we're planning to go sing multiple times a week so it should be really good. 
I've been spending a lot of time reflecting on last Christmas compared to this Christmas....I'm really really different. My attitude, my beliefs, my testimony, my likes, my dislikes...I feel like for the most part I'm someone completely new. I wanted to write a lot more thoughts on my nostalgia, but of course, I'm out of time and Sister Smith is waiting patiently for me to log off. :)  DANG IT! 
I'll try again next week I guess!
BYE Y'ALL! (don't forget to #LightTheWorld!)
-Sister Lawson
1. Awkward family Christmas card from The Carrollton District.
2. Bye Jimmy! Don't die! (he's our Recent Convert friend)
3. Parking garage selfies post-caroling.
4. Sister Smith making the most out of her study time.
5. The cooky elders + Jimmy
6. Run Forrest, run!

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