Tuesday, July 19, 2016

PTC is where famous people go

If I had a dollar for all the famous people "supposedly" moving into their PTC summer home, or who were spotted at the local gym with their hood up or at the restaurant on Main Street, I'd have a whole lotta dollars called Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Chris Pratt and the New-Spider Man-guy-who's-name-i-do-not-know-because-missionaries-dont-know-popculture. If i haven't said it before, PTC is a wealthy area and I hope that painted the picture for you of just HOW wealthy it is in some parts.

hahaha anyway, those are the fun rumors of the week.

Transfer news is that Sister Francom and I will both be staying together another transfer, and Sister Hines is going back to the Whitewater ward just like old times. Nothing crazy.

Other fun things that happened this week:
1. It was COW APPRECIATION DAY, aka basically the 2nd 4th of July for Georgia. If you don't know what this is, it's also known as "Free Chick-fil-a day if you act a fool and dress up like a cow." And dress up like cows, we did. The lines were out the doors, the restaurant was packed, but i was happy and i was dressed like a cow and i was eating a free chicken sandwich and i was a missionary and i was in Georgia. so it was a good day.

2. A member's really cute little doggie definitelly peed all over me in my lap and it was definitely a good day.

3. Sister Hines went to the chiropractor and it was also my first time watching what actually happens at the chiropractor...all i'm going to say is that it was freaky and i never want to go TO or WATCH SOMEONE AT the chiropractor ever again.

4. We met a HIGHLY paranoid schizophrenic woman this week which was also quite the experience and it was a good day. She thought the Book of Mormon was a "fortune book" of her life, so when Nephi and his family were commanded to leave and go to the wilderness, she thought that that meant SHE AND HER FAMILY were supposed to leave and go to the wilderness too. And she almost really did that. Definitely one of the weirder experiences i have had on a mission.

5. We went to see Mr. EJ this week! the last time we saw him, Sister Francom was on splits with an RM in the ward and they had a really special, spiritual experience with him. He thinks his time on earth is coming to an end really soon, and then Sister Francom left him with a Book of Mormon and told him it would give him peace. When we went back to see him this week, he told us he had started to read the Bible all the way through, but as soon as he was done, he was REALLY excited to start reading the Book of Mormon! (he reads really fast, it's impressive haha). I guess our conversations with Y. in his living room a few weeks ago had really made an impact on him. We promised him that if he were to read the Book of Mormon now, his feelings of loneliness and sadness would disappear and he would be able to feel his wife's presence. We'll see what happens!

6. The boundaries of our mission have changed. They announced that the Cartersville, Atlanta, and Powder Springs stakes had all changed up which dramatically mixed up our mission boundaries. We absorbed a  chunk of the North mission, and out of 88 companionships, 74 will be at the transfer meeting this week. It's nuts!

7. I learned this week that i shouldn't ever play with those mini-segway things because i tried it and almost hurt myself multiple times. 

8. We learned this week that there is an animal shelter nearby that takes volunteers = playing with puppies = happy sister lawson. TENDER MERCIES

I think that's about all for this week. Thanks for your prayers and support, i'll need them for this upcoming transfer!

Sister Lawson

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