Monday, October 12, 2015


Hey friends and family!
I'm sorry, but I didn't use my time very wisely today and I also am typing on an iPad in a member's home, so that's extremely difficult.

Tuesday: we met this AWESOME woman named Carrie! She has had MS for 18 years, she's been a breast cancer survivor for the last three years, has lived in Germany, and is also the most hilarious person of all time. When we went over to teach her, her friend Cynthia (who we totally thought was anti) was actually listening in the other room and has decided she also wants to be nice and take the lessons from us, haha. So that rules! PRAY FOR CARRIE. Also on this day, I because best friends with a 4 year old named Mia. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. She literally gave me a picture she colored and acted out animals for me. She slithered like a snake for me for 10 minutes. #theatricality

Wednesday: found a woman who said "the bible ees sufficient" (she had an indeterminable accent) approximately 9 times to us in a conversation that lasted 30 seconds. Not an exaggeration. Also, received 14 bug bites on my already-hobo-looking legs. <3

Thursday: #missionarywork

Friday: *HERE IS WHERE THE SUBJECT LINE COMES FROM*. So this was the most exciting day for me yet here in Snellville. The family in our ward from South Africa had us over for dinner and fed us REAL LIFE SOUTH AFRICAN FOOD. We had sausage rolls (not what you think it is), kidney pie (definitely what you think it is), and bull tongue gravy (WAAAAT). I was courageous and ate the kidney pie and it was actually really delicious!...until I smelled a very distinct urine smell coming from the pie and then I decided to barf for a second. Still exciting to say I tried it though. Also, bull tongue gravy is very gross. #ImCultural. Also, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE please go find a recipe for "Malva Cake" and make it ASAP because that's probably my new favorite dessert. Also, I'm incredibly sorry that half of this email is about food. But who else can say that they've tried South Africa food?!? Answer: only South Africans and Sister Lawson can.

Saturday: Santana was baptized!!! That was super exciting. Sister Russell and I sang "I Am a Child of God" on the ukulele and it was a hot mess but that's fine, haha. We are so excited for her!
Also another cultural experience of the week: Sister Russell is in the process of getting twists in her hair so we went into a black hair store to buy the fake hair and that was a very "only in Hotlanta" cultural experience. So go me!

Ponderize scripture of the week: Alma 26:12. CHECK IT OUT!

Anyway, I love you all! PEACE

Sister Lawson

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