Friday, September 11, 2015


*DISCLAIMER: THIS IS BRAIN VOMIT BC PRESSED FOR TIME AND ALL THE WONDERFUL THINGS TO TELL**** ALSO TODAY IS NOT MY P-DAY--we were given some time to learn how the computers work, write our branch prez and write a quick "hello!" to you. I LOVE YOU. So i don't mean to make you feel bad, but literally 20 seconds after curb drop off, i stopped crying bc so many happy people and happy things to do and happy missionary stuff was calling my name. PLS KNOW I STILL LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU ALL THE TIME, it's just that i've come to accept that i'm stuck here and might as well have fun with it hahaha. My comp's name is sister brume and she RULEZZZ. we are getting along great and she's such a hard worker and way on the ball. fun facts about Brume (broom): 1. She's a real-life ZOOBIE (that's a BYU student for all you uncultured swines) 2. She's a pre-nursing major 3. Loves movies and movie quotes (but sadly we can't quote movies bc "not missionary- apprope" 4. LOVES soccer more than life itself My district is as follows and where they are going: 1. Elder delahunty (BABE...probs gonna marry him after this.)--ATL, GA & Elder Whiting--WV, 2. Elder Goold & McCrae (WV) 3. Elder Atkin & Carahan (ATL, GA) 4. Sister Roberts & Farnsworth (WV) 5. me and sista brume. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. we literally have the best district and i love the sisters in the district to death. fun fact: me and sister brume have been called as the GREETERS. hahahah it's hilarious. basically our only job is to shake people's hands when they come into the chapel for church on sunday, but we have taken it upon ourselves to greet our entire district ALL THE TIME--all meals, all times we meet together in the classroom, everywhere. we are way enthusiastic and spazzy about it and it's super funny hahaha. Also let me just tell you that Oakcrest was the best decision of my life. I know that a lot of elders and sisters are super stressed out and overwhelmed but i feel so good. Almost everything about here reminds me of camp in some way, but literally, camp was the best mission prep of all time. I feel like such a dingus because i talk about camp all the time and my comp is probably way weirded out that i talk about it so much but IT RULED. I'll probably talk about some aspect of camp in every email but yeah, i just wanted to let you know that doing so well because of the prep i got there. quick funny stories: 1. yesterday for lunch, we were given a yellow cup of jello but it seriously looked like a cup of pee and all the elders were eating it and forcing each other to smell it or pretending to dump it on each other... yeah, they're weird. 2. one of my teacher's is sister stegelmeir and she is the coolest human being alive. I took it upon myself to count the number of times she says "cool" and "totally" in each lesson. I'M NOT KIDDING YOU, SHE SAID COOL 89 TIMES AND TOTALLY 57 IN THE COURSE OF 45 MINUTES. COMBINED. every time she says it, we all bust up laughing. 3. me and the other sisters have decided that every time we see a super cute elder, we'll say to each other " he reads the book of mormon". I know we aren't supposed to be thinking about things like that, but it's only my second day here and i'm stil working on it ahaha. but please know, the field is wide and ready to harvest. :) i have a billion more stories, but i'll write them more during P-day on TUESDAY. I'LL TALK TO YOU LATER. please me as soon as you get the cast list back for bailey about mary poppins! i wanna know how it goes! ells: tell gringa and meow hello and tell meow that the MTC is the greatest place on earth. also i love you. mom and dad: hopefully you've stopped crying by now ahahha. I LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS. talk to you tuesday! :) BYE

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